Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Traintracking the Candidates

This train metaphor for the candidates has been making the email rounds, and I made a few modifications.

I wasn't crazy about that sleek missile for Obama, so my version replaces the silver bullet with a Front Runner train. Notice how he's headed in the right direction.

And is that the commuter train to Delaware for Biden? Hope so!

I couldn't resist including Hillary as the Little Engine That Could. She tried and she tried to get that train over the mountain (the one no one else really wanted to pull) – to bring universal health care to the boys and girls on the other side. She thought she could...she thought she could...

I know Hill is no longer a presidential candidate, but I hope she still has a chance to pull that health care train.


hoping for better things said...

so I'm thinking, elena dear bellena, what are the ads you're going to get at the top of your web pages now? Before it was American Girl dolls; now is it going to be Brio?

Please keep bringing on the toy metaphors, it is making me very happy indeed.

elena said...

Thank you! I hope it's Brio and not that odd Palin/Tank Engine Thomas, with his pathetic relationship to Sir Topham Hat!
I do find it fascinating that, with all those train stories out there, only The Little Engine That Could is female. I think she is a cousin of The Little Red Hen, about whom I will be writing shortly. The time seems to have arrived for the LETC and the LRH.

hoping for better things said...

Hey, did you know that my sister used the Little Red Hen as the basis for her high school valedictory address? How random is that?! (Of course, it wasn't random at all in the way you and I generally use the word. Or maybe I should say it wasn't "random" at all, having read your most recent air quotes post just now. But I think the youngsters, your children and mine, use it in a rather different way now and I believe it might be appropriate. Story of my life - I've always said I think I can use words generally perfectly appropriately without really having any idea what they mean. I think I even did that last night with a German word!)

OK, let me be a little less random. I totally want to comment on the air quotes post but that will have to wait till later, I have to suit up to go Nordic Walking but without the Nordic poles - I guess I'll be "air quoting" with my elbows and fists the whole time.

elena said...

I love that image, Marie! Wish I were along for the hike. I would love to read Ruthie's (the REAL Ruthie) valedictory address, if it is still in the family archive!