Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foreign Icons

No, I'm not talking about rock stars, but rather, the informational signs in places other than our own. Daughter Number Three wrote a post during her Midlife Crisis Tour called Icons of Quebec, collecting drive-by shots of various signs, with observational comments. Included in the collection are this "Chute Fall" sign, as well as the blue one that could be called "Boogie On...and Up This Way." (It's all in the marvelous elbow-knee action.)

I was reminded of a few informational signs I saw during our recent trip to Holland and Germany. I'll gather photos of those together for a post tomorrow. Meanwhile, head over for a glance at some Quebecois icons!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE informational signs! They can be so creepy and wonderful! Thanks for the nice thoughts on my blog! You have a very cool thing going here your self!