Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diversity Trees from Susan Bee (Diversitrees)

While reading Charles Darwin, I find myself thinking about those Trees of Life. I really love what I'm calling "diversity trees," created by artist Susan Bee – paintings with many surprises in the branches. I wonder if she thought about Darwin at all when developing her tree-tropes.

They make me wonder: what sort of objects and items live on my diversity trees? Divinity trees. Trees of natural and not-so-natural selection.

What lives on yours?

Here is In a Medieval Garden:

And here is Butterfly Boy Drawing, which I currently use as wallpaper on my laptop.

Ice Cream seems relevant, too. (This appears to be a body-image piece, with ice cream in an ambivalent role):

Aren't they amazing? Here's another, from a cover of Fox, a collection of poems by Adrienne Rich:

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