Monday, April 19, 2010

Dialogue in the Desert Early Morning Bird Calls

Early morning in the Sonoran desert in Arizona means bird sounds – mourning doves, starlings, so many more – flying in and out of their apartments in the tall saguaro cactus. A beautiful little golden white long-eared rabbit just hopped by. I hear the snorting of horses, too.

I'm at the White Stallion Ranch this week for Joe Williams' Dialogue in the Dessert workshop...powering down with the electronics, but up with the sensory apparatus. Off to a dude ranch breakfast and then a full day of learning with folks from Canada, the US, and Australia. Outside my little casita is a glorious cactus garden, in flower thanks to rains this past year.

Many thanks to friends LuAnne and Bill for introducing me to this experience, and to Joe, for making it all happen!


LCH said...

Glad you're there. Now, get off this durn blog, and into Dialogue!

elena said...

Powering down for an early morning meditatio divino with flute from Australia!