Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Newest Baby in Far-Flung Family

This is a shout out to our relies near Melbourne, Australia, Genou and his partner Sheryl. My sister Kathy (who lives in Canberra) sent this photo of them with their new baby, Finlay, born October 2nd.

Genou is Kathy's oldest stepson. He has a son Jasper (now 10) and Sheryl has older kids, too, ages 19,14, and 10. Finlay is an old Gaelic name: fair-haired courageous one, little blonde warrior.

Who would think we'd have a Finn McCool in our family, living in the woodsy foothills and vineyard country about an hour out of Melbourne? (Finn McCool makes several appearances in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, with its title – 'Finn Again's Awake' – from the street ballad 'Finnegan's Wake'.)

Congratulations, Genou and Sheryl! I hope life is sweet in your household, with this newest far-flung family member. Finlay reminds me of golden haired Jack (now 17) at that age, when his cousin Nathaniel (Genou's half-brother, the youngest of my 4 nephews in that part of the world) wrote this sage advice in Jack's baby book: "Don't think you're the only baby." Oh go ahead, for now, Fin – wallow in it!

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Jo said...

It's lovely how far-flung families make the world a smaller, more knowable place. Welcome, Finlay!