Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Next Generation Bluegrass

I'm still looking through photos from Clifftop, the Appalachian String Band Festival. Natalie Garrett Wurtz snapped this lanyard with Live Music road sign – clever, but it's all dudes. She also caught this hula-hooping girl fiddler. Just to add a little more challenge to that fiery fiddling, try this! I would like to see the brain scan of someone who can walk and chew gum in this way.

Other sweet pictures here, by Mississippi fiddler Jack Magee, anticipate the future of bluegrass – there are lots of young girls involved. Someday they'll populate groups like the incredible Uncle Earl, one of my favorites.

I really love the photo of the dad and daughter tutorial. It reminds me that Katey Bellville, daughter of Rod, also grew up to be a musician, carrying forward that old timey tradition, and fusing it with contemporary sounds.

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