Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jazzie!

Today is the birthday of our niece Jasmine, áká Jazzie, daughter of John and Rozie, older sister of Jade. I remember vividly when Jazzie was born, as she had severe meconium poisoning in her lungs and the situation was very frightening. Luckily, she was in New York City, where she was transported to the neonatal intensive care unit at Columbia Hospital; her life was saved by a remarkable Chinese doctor and the team of specialists there.

Today, Jazzie is a dynamic young person, extremely self aware and tuned in to her surroundings. She is very poised, but has a wonderful wacky side, too. Jazzie is loyal, verbal, observant, has strong opinions and is not afraid of voicing them. One of her many passions is a fervent appreciation of animals (especially DOGS!) and I would not be surprised if she accomplished great things in her lifetime as an advocate for their welfare.

Jazzie began to read at a very early age, and has already written several novels. She plays the clarinet, has a beautiful singing voice, and was in The Language of Birds, the childrens' opera written by her father. She's a remarkable speller and takes her education very seriously – up next is a new school in late summer, a very exciting change.

Much love to you, dear Jazzie, from your relatives in Indiana. We're so proud of you, and hope this is the start of a fantastic year! (I think 11 is a wonderful age.) Here are some photos: the ones of Jazzie writing and walking on the rocks are almost a couple of years old already; the others are more recent and show how much she has grown.

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Joyce said...

Yay, Jazzie, happy birthday to your wonderful, wacky,
compassionate self! We're so proud of you. We love you very much~ G and G