Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Heart of Boyhood, illustrated by Alice Carsey

Just an image today, from a beloved book I bought at an antique store once while stopping by the past on my way to Minnesota. Here's a bit more about the author, Edmondo De Amicis. Alice Carsey illustrated a number of children's classics, and all of her pictures appear to be nearly as poignant as this one. It's unusual to see an embedded (embossed?) full color illustration on a cover like this anymore. This one carries you in through the keyhole of the heart, and then out the window with the boy's gaze.

I'm looking out the window at snow, hard at work on various projects, and trying to extend the heart motif a little longer into the future. I love this wistful cover...and over time I'll drop in more illustrations from this book. (I like the dot-dot-dot on the cover here, too...ellipses, my favorite form of punctuation.)