Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something to Make: Woven Paper Valentines

Last summer, when we were in Germany, I made a few coasters out of recycled magazine pages, following a tutorial I found at How About Orange (those are Jessica Jones's finished coasters in the photograph here).
It was fun to have a little project to make during Euro Cup soccer matches that required only a free piece of paper and a pair of scissors. Little traces of our stay left for Chris and Heike on their coffee table.

These can be a bit addictive. With Valentines Day coming, I decided to modify the design slightly, making paper hearts.

For these, I used fairly heavy coated paper samples from design magazines, and did not fold the strips. After awhile you just stop weaving. Glue the long edges of the strips together, trim into a heart shape, and Voila!


Polly said...

Nice variation!! I was already planning on making the original "orange" version, and love your idea as well. Am certainly going to make some.

elena said...

Thanks for visiting Polly! These are fun.