Saturday, March 27, 2010

Portia Munson's Paintings, Photographs, and Other Projects

Portia Munson has a great variety of work at her website, including these photos in a series from 1994-1999, where she examines color coding as an indicator of the sex of children. Hint: one of each of the babies in these sets is a boy, and one is a girl.

There's an axial stone with teacup over there, too, looking like a metaphor for more than one marriage.

Her paintings of the past twenty years stand in formal contrast to the sensory overload of her sculptural installations. Munson isolates single objects to reveal the particulars of their structural and metaphorical implications. Here are a few of my favorites, including two that bear a link to previous posts: a small vase named "Out of the Blue" and another called "Crow."  Also included here is "Angel Food" and "Dolphin Hair Clip Under Glass."


Nor said...

trying again to leave a message-- thanks for the amazing out of the blue/crow juxtaposition/ Your mind reminds me of Wechsler's in CONVERGENCES-- a marvel of apperception..

last comment word verification was muse-excess and this one reads (almost) nosferatu

elena said...

! ~I think that muse-excess was denying you access...glad the "undead" let your muse views through!