Wednesday, May 6, 2009

...and Happy Birthday, Liam!

Yesterday was also the birthday of this guy, the super human Lima Bean, who has crossed over into the double digits. Happy Birthday, Liam: you are my favorite elf, golfer, baseball player, leprechaun, and zucchini-listener.

For awhile Liam was on a quest to deny the value (even the existence) of letters (numbers being so much better), but now he's a powerful reader and writer, just wrestling those letters to the ground. Liam is also the inventor of the rare and elusive 55-dollar bill.


Joyce said...

Happy Birthday from Minnesota, Liam! We remember that back two or three years ago, you gave us a tutorial on infinity. You also gave us some interesting and good ideas about language. You warned us about getting into a language rut--using the same words too many times. Keep up the good work! Joyce & Wally

DG said...

Thanks, Elenabella and Joyce for such an insightful tribute to the Lima Elf...who wondered, not long ago, how he would ever build a proper leprechaun trap in one evening. But he did it!