Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Imprinting Place" by Erika Osborne

Here is another image from THE LAND/an art site, from the Given Take June 2008 installation curated by Erika Osborne, who also created the body map images, in her fascinating Imprinting Place series.
She writes:

The landscape marks us if we let it. If we bring to it our sensory awareness - our bare backs, our hands and our eyes. It is on these surfaces that Place scrawls its signature in clay, water and light. The record becomes ours, differing from person to person and place-to-place as it fuses with the baggage we carry with us to each vista. It morphs and smears with the cultural, intellectual and social overlays that make us who we are. The work becomes a collaboration between rock, back, sun and eye. It is a translation, fueled by connection.

The other map is by Devon Kovach, from the Take Back exhibit at THE LAND; it is reviewed here by David Leigh. There are interesting overlaps and relationships at THE LAND between the map and the territory.

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