Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter with Peeps and Tiny Creatures

Time for a holiday. We have a yard full of blooms now, and the kids are asking for one more Easter egg hunt, Jack's last year in high school. I'll be sending the kids over to Daughter Number Three to see a couple of highlights from the St. Paul Pioneer Press Peeps Video Contest, too. Here are the 302 entries to their Peeps Diorama contest, which you can view as a slideshow. Check those Peeps out (and watch out if you eat them)!

The little butter cream bunny here is from Etsy (of course) – fresh from the shores of Lake Michigan, where it was created by Liz, áká Two Left Hands. An interesting detail: somewhere on TLH's blog she mentions wishing that she could knit or crochet, like her Mom (who also has a shop, ohruthie), but couldn't, so she turned to making unique small sculptures. These include the fairy tale creatures pictured here, and some wonderful monsters. Terrific eye-hand coordination and original design for someone who has "two left hands" – I find her work to be very playful and endearing, with exceptional craftsmanship.

TLH's daughter, Humblebea, has a shop, too, selling handmade children's clothes, and HER son has joined in the fun, selling pocket books from an Etsy address called darksiderules. You can buy his original children's book about a little hamster named Ruby and her best friend Lily.

I'm telling you, people: so much more fun than Walmart or Target. Happy Easter to you and to all of those Michigan family crafters!


twolefthands said...

Elena, thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise this Easter morning! How nice to see my grandson Noah's face on your blog!

elena said...

It's such a great photo of him. Hope you all have a wonderful day ~ !

Anonymous said...

How nice to see such a nice story about my Mom! Thanks for mentioning my shop and my son's and my grandma's, too! You have a beautiful blog! (-:

elena said...

..and you have a beautiful daughter (or more than one?) modeling those sweet clothes! It was really fun to see the many things you all are making..and reminded me of my Grandma Mary, who would have loved Etsy, as she so enjoyed knitting and crocheting 100s of things for other people.

elena said...

(..and it would have been Mary's birthday today!) I always think of her at this time of year, especially.