Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thea's Gift

I want to create a little archive of gifts I've received, as a way of further appreciating them, and passing the ideas along.

This is the ultimate green gift, a handmade treasure made from a cast-off post-it note and page markers. A modernist spider? A conceptual self-portrait? Or just a cool thing, emblazoned with the gift-giver's name.

If you receive a gift like this from a child, you may experience the pleasure of knowing that you have been given something completely unique, touched by the mystery of the creative drive. No matter what else is going on, your life has an element of sweetness.

Thea is a member of the somewhat exclusive TH Club, that includes Thierry and Thealani, friends of hers (and relatives of mine) from Papua New Guinea. Here's a beautiful picture of the club meeting for the first time last August.

We need to create a world that allows the TH Club to best use their talents and gifts. Here in the US, we have a chance to vote in November in an historic election. We owe it to these and the rest of the world's children to choose hope, not disdain.


Kathy said...

As the grandmother of two of the terrific THers, I was absolutely delighted to be greeted by the TH team on your blog today and to be charmed by Thea's sweet gift! (As your sister, I'm delighted by your blog everyday!) I love how you make the sweeping yet immediate connection between the creative spirit of childhood and the gift of honor and hope for the future through the act of voting. My absentee ballot also greeted me today in the mailbox, making its way across the hemispheres by post. My vote is a choice for hope.

elena said...

Hello Dear Sista!

So happy to hear from you, and from Andrew, too, with more photos of the TH team in PNG! And I got a big shout from Sandy, Thea's grandmother. See, it's the sweetness of Thea's gift, all the extended arms of the extended family. Thank you, Thea!

Love to you all.