Monday, August 31, 2009

Political Crop Art at the Minnesota State Fair

No one does political crop art like the folks who enter the competition at the Minnesota State Fair, where you can enter seed-and-bean-crafted pieces that are either painted or in natural colors. My friend Tracy Smith posted a few examples on her facebook page, and directed me to this piece by Paul Demko at the Minnesota Independent, where there's also a Demko story about Michele Bachmann's first health care town hall meeting.

Have to say, I'm impressed with the Minnesota Independent as an example of the new (online) news. It's fun, serious, easy to navigate, and gives me a chance to keep bookmarked tabs on one of my favorite states.

Note the fine artwork of Bachmann
as "Patron Saint of the Wing Nuts." Demko has examples of more Bachmann political seed art, an emerging genre in Minnesota. There's also a "Certificate of Live Birth" (Move on, Birthers!), and a strange "Self Portrait with First Ladies." The blue ribbon went to the AIG Bull. Thanks, Tracy, for the images!

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