Sunday, May 31, 2009

Congratulations, Jack!

Jack just graduated from Bloomington High School South, class of 2009, on the floor of Assembly Hall, the well-known basketball court. It has been a very busy few days, with his Minnesota grandparents here, and friends stopping by, with lots of reminiscing.

Congrats to Jack and his friends! We're really proud of you, and can't believe how rapidly the time has flown past to arrive at this moment. There's his contemplative Dad, in the photo with next year's roommates. His mom is rendered a little bit speechless! Here is a link to a piece by Frank Bruni, in today's New York Times, about graduation speech themes during this year of economic recession.


Daughter Number Three said...

Congratulations to Jack, and the whole family. Way to go!

hoping for better things said...

Yes, many congratulations to all of you. How wonderful and exciting. I have to admit, the part that really floored me was "next year's roommates!?!" - how real that makes next year's experience!

Lovely to see pictures of J, S, and A!