Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nancy Ortenstone: 'Between Two Worlds'

Artist Nancy Ortenstone, from Taos, New Mexico, posted a new work, called "Between Two Worlds," with this comment:
...a place I keep returning to. Paintings I saw in my mind's eye for years before I began painting them. It seems they are a centering, meditative space I need when there is so much unsettling uncertainty all around. How can you not respond creatively to the earth actually shifting??? 
I keep recalling the words of our local seismologist here in Bloomington, Michael Hamburger, who gently reminds us that Indiana is overdue for a quake, too. We had a mini-quake a year or so ago that made Andreas shoot out of a dreamstate in the middle of the night, convinced that our furnace was about to explode. Such an odd sensation when the house starts to rumble.

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