Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Would Judge Judy Do?

Every so often I jump over to Jezebel to take a look at what's happening there. Jezebel promises "Celebrity Sex, Fashion for Women" but that's just a ruse for hefty doses of wit and incisive debunking regarding the daily news ("without airbrushing," sez the Jez).

You'll also find a slew of very clever Judge Judy Comic Confrontations ("What Would Judge Judy Do?") where the good Judge takes on Minnesota's own Michele Bachmann, among others. Click here for the latest, where Judy addresses feminism – from the id-ish excesses of Courtney Love to the crazy provocations of Camille Paglia (and yes, Camille still has a crush on Sarah Palin):

Feminists love bickering about feminism. And as more women join the conversation, it gets nastier…and better! But it's time Judge Judy kept some order. (Continued from Part 1.)

Judge Judy for Supreme Court, perhaps?

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