Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soup Bowl Benefit 2010 captured on video by Duane Busick

Videographer Duane Busick (whose community videos I've mentioned before) has made another wonderful short video, about the annual Soup Bowl Benefit in the town where I live (just click that link to watch). Phil, who works at Bloomingfoods East, organizes the kitchen for this highly successful, soul-warming occasion.

I like what potter Karen Green Stone (shown in the photo below at the microphone) says in the video about the value of one particular bowl – a tangible object made from ancient clay, shaped by an artisan, fired in the kiln of a friend, finally selected by a Soup Bowl visitor. Here's more history, from Duane:
16 years ago Robert Meitus and Carrie Newcomer brought an idea for a community fundraiser home to Bloomington, Indiana. That idea became the Soup Bowl Benefit, now one of the most popular events in Bloomington, Indiana, providing the largest contribution to the Hoosier Hills Food Banks annual operating budget. Over 30 local artisans contribute hundreds of handmade pottery bowls, local restaurants donate an array of delicious soups, and local bakers provide bread and cookies. Carrie Newcomer's song "If Not Now" introduces the video.
Here are photos from a previous Soup Bowl, capturing some of the spirit of this annual occasion. Now we can watch the video for the more complete story – thank you, Duane!


Joyce said...

What a wonderful community you live in, elena, full of good spirit--the Soup Bowl Benefit, a community orchard, a great food co-op, the Lotus Festival that brings people together in music--all this and more, I'm sure. A role model community!

elena said...

It is a wonderful place, which makes it all the more shocking that we've just laid off all the school librarians, assistant coaches, and made down-to-the-bone cuts to public education. Duane's latest project was to organize a rally to support the schools...I'll post that video when it's completed.