Friday, January 29, 2010

Grow your Own Food: a poster by PJ Chmiel at Lost River Community Co-op

Just an image today, made from a photo of a poster by PJ Chmiel  (a vegan graphic designer) that I saw on a wall at Indiana's newest food co-op, Lost River Market and Deli (also known as Lost River Community Co-op) in Paoli, Indiana. I like the poster, and it's message, and went at it with a clone stamp, mostly to attack the flash flaws in the photo. (Is that a sheep standing in the top front yard, or the lonely family poodle? No, it's a man on a motorized lawn mower!)

I'm intrigued by the word permaculture there:

Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. Anyone can do it! (But we still have a lot to learn.)


Daughter Number Three said...

Hey, E, tipped off by the text about threats to the environment and food coming from half way around the world, I suspected it wasn't actually an old poster... and then I saw the signature PJ Chmiel in the corner. S/he is a vegan graphic designer.

elena said...

Thanks much, DN3 – your eyes are better than mine. Looks to me like PJ is a guy who rides a scooter, who has a story to tell about that and artmaking.