Saturday, August 8, 2009

Diary pages from LouLou in England

I love these images of diary pages, from the website of Louise Best, aka LouLou, who loves (and makes) books and lives behind a hedge in a village in England.

She has a website here, and a blogspot there, and even a shop over at Etsy. Take a look...LouLou loves yoga, too, and has written some long blog letters from a trip to India. She's the adoring mother of two daughters.

We are both fans of the Garden and Cosmos show, put together by the brilliant people at the Freer and Sackler Gallery on the Mall in Washington, DC. My dear friend Deb, who works there (toiling long hours in the warren of museum tunnels under the Mall) found LouLou for me...a birthday gift from a fellow Leo.

There's a photo of postcards LouLou/ Louise has made, inspired by the glorious Garden and Cosmos. And the lovely diary pages offer mind mapping of yet another kind.
LouLou has a nice name for this place where you can sometimes locate fellow blogartists – the "interwonderweb"....indeed!

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louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks for all of that! Lovely to hear from you...I loved Garden and Cosmos so much, it had an amazing effect on me. I've painted lots of postcards in the style of Indian painting (but with a contemporary twist!). Hopefully I'll put them up in my shop soon. I have to live with them for a while first.