Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello again! 'Entering the Poem' with Nancy Ortenstone

It's time to finally reenter the blogging universe. It's now early August, and so much time has passed since my last message. Time to jump back into the daily practice of the blog: here's a splash!

My friend Nancy Ortenstone was mentioned yesterday over at How About Orange, where there is a link to her beautiful painting "Entering the Poem." Nancy recently opened a new gallery in Taos, New Mexico, with her partner, Pierre Delattre. I designed the signs on the outside of their new space.

Anyone out there heading to Taos – be sure to stop in to see Pierre's and Nancy's exquisite paintings. The work of Nancy's daughter, emerging artist Carla O'Neal, is represented there as well.


UrbanEden said...

Luscious painting. And good to see you back! I was wondering if you had decided to focus on making physical objects rather than continuing your blog.

elena said...

Thanks for coming back to visit, Laura..I'm hoping to do both – we'll see!

hoping for better things said...

Dear Elena blogger dear, glad to have your online voice back!