Monday, October 6, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin: American Girl Dolls

She didn't blink, but she did wink.

And that one over there – she can think.

When watching Sarah Palin accept John McCain's Hail Mary offer to be his running mate, and especially when she invoked Hillary Clinton's glass ceiling, my jaw dropped and my head spun with visions of Tina Fey – and American Girl Dolls.

While Palin looks a lot like WWII Molly, thanks to her glasses, I've ditched the braids and made her Ruthie here. Hillary has always been Kit, the Great Depression-era girl journalist. (In the AG archive, Kit came first, and Ruthie on her heels.)

Here is Sarah, giving us a wink as she did at least three times in the debate the other night: read more about that here. She's with her sled dog, Maverick, and she does have Trig stuffed in her handbag (in case you've been wondering where he's been the past few weeks. Here is a piece by another mom with a child with Down Syndrome.)

And there is Hillary, with Kit's dog, Grace. (Sorry Hill, they're low on pantsuits over at American Girl Dolls.) I've chosen to go with Kit's overalls and boots: "When there are chores for Kit to do, she puts on overalls and a pair of lace-up work boots. In this outfit, Kit can disguise herself as a boy. It features hand-me-down bib overalls and a striped shirt, and a blue cap given to her by her hobo friend, Will." (Hillary totes a midwestern-style lunch box, too.)

I'm not the only one to have had this flash: here is a piece by Lisa Kopel at The Huffington Post.


hoping for better things said...

Ellen, I loved this post. I love redoing the dolls that are out there. Years ago when Max and his buddies were 3 I had a brainstorm about Fat Barbies, and I was going to make them and license them and all that. I never did anything about it, and 2 years later when they were 5 the Body Shop did a promotion using a picture of a Fat Barbie reclining on a couch - there were magnets and posters, and I got a couple of each.

I realize this has nothing to do with Sarah or Hill but hey, we can play with our dolls how we like. Thanks for your post and all your posts.


elena said...

Thank you, Marie! You are an Ideal Reader (ie: I write to please...) xxelle/elena