Saturday, September 27, 2008

The World is Like a Sponge

Tired of the world absorbing you and squeezing you out? Try looking at it from another direction: poetry. A good way in is through Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac.

The poem below, by Joyce Kennedy, is from Ghost Lamp, a book published by the Laurel Poetry Collective in the Twin Cities. It is about Joyce's father, Erling (who was my grandfather). "Who Will Know?" has been read twice on The Writer's Almanac. (Mom was paid $100 each time: as she puts it, "Who says you can't make money writing poetry?") You can click on the image of Ghost Lamp to get there.

Who Will Know?

He wanted to stay.
He didn't ask for much.

He wanted to know what was "going on,"
He read the paper every day.

The world is like a sponge.
It absorbs us.

Mother was grieved with the nursing home.
He said, "Kiddo, it's all right."

The world goes on its way.
Now that he's gone, who will know?

"Who Will Know?" by Joyce Kennedy, from Ghost Lamp. © Laurel Poetry Collective, 2006.

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