Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Heart The Frames

I'm up early, working on a design project....enjoying the pre-dawn hours, as I often do. Most of the time I prefer to work in silence, but sometimes I click on The Frames.

Okay, the Frames: what can I say? Like so many people, I discovered them through the movie Once, which I saw 4 times in 1 week last year. (Those who know me best know that I never do this with movies.) Then I bought all of their music, and a great (signed by the lads) poster of a weathered barn, from their Euro Winter 2007 tour.

I lived in Ireland for one year in the late 80s, teaching at Trinity College Dublin. It was a fantastic experience, for which I will be forever grateful. Alas, I haven't returned for many years. I hope to connect with Irish friends through elenabella, so if you are out there, please jump in!

Now I'm a mother, so my favorite Frames song is 'God Bless Mom' from the live Set List CD. My kids find the enthusiasm I have for this song to be quite amusing. Lots of car crashes and head banging: "You know how hard it can be, to keep one foot in the real." Now back to the wheel, the grindstone.

Any other hard core Frames fans out there?

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Daughter Number 3 said...

I haven't seen Once, but have had it in the back of my head -- now I know I have to get it! I look forward to hearing The Frames.