Friday, September 19, 2008

Becoming a 'Locavore'

I am enjoying the challenge of becoming more of a 'locavore'. This word was coined by food writer Jessica Prentice, who lives in the Bay Area and is the author of Full Moon Feast, a very unique and engaging book about food. A couple of years ago I wrote an interview with Jessica that you can find in the magazine Mix, a bimonthly publication of the Twin Cities Natural Food Co-ops.

Now I am working on some projects for our Local Growers Guild. This is an organization that provides support, education, and marketing for local growers and farmers who use sustainable practices in producing flowers, food, and fibers. (The 3 Fs in our region, where sheep and alpacas coexist peacefully, the alpacas frequently guarding the fields.)

It is a great privilege to get to know these growers, who go so far above and beyond the world of corporate agribusiness to bring us food that tastes the way it should: real food, produced by people obsessed with value and the adventure of farming.

There is an onion you can click on on the left that will take you to the site of the Mix, where you can read more about Jessica Prentice. I've also created a link to Three Stone Hearth, the community supported kitchen she runs with friends.

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