Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Beautiful Day

We recently spent a beautiful day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, strolling through their wonderful summer "Treeology" exhibit. We were with my parents; our German foreign exchange student Lenni; and my nephew Andrew from Papua New Guinea, his wife, young son, and newborn daughter. A very special group of normally far flung people..who knows when we will be together again, and in which configurations?

I look this photo of a tree I liked, with wildflowers and goldenrod in front of it. There are many beautiful photos from that day. After our stroll we made our way to the Amazing Maze, where we met our friend Deirdre, who came out to play with her 7 children. This day entered the memories of all of us, leaving traces of the laughter of kids hiding among the shrubbery.

D's kids are featured in a great blog called "Seven Sidekicks", written by her husband, Sheff. Check it out and be amazed!

Now the weather is crisp and sunny here in Indiana, reminding me of that beautiful day.


Serial Susan said...

I love your crossword containers (below) and your beautiful day (same here in Madison)! I also have a w-log (which explains my signature).

Sheff said...

Thanks for posting this photo. I was sorry to have missed the arboretum but it sounded muy fun (mazes, etc.). And hey, beautiful blog! Not a surprise coming from you. I'm linking you right back!


elena said...

Thanks, Sheff! We were sorry to miss you at the Arb, too...the kids are so delightful and that maze is a great workout: perhaps a future topic for further research for the Dadiator. Adults can stand on the tower and survey the lay of the land, so that no one gets lost forever among the arbor vitae!