Thursday, September 25, 2008

Force, Lucidity, and Ease

I once had a wise and influential teacher who advised us before blue book exams to remember to write with "force, lucidity, and ease."
Those three words have stayed with me, a triangular heuristic device (aka 'mental template') that anchors and influences (and brush sweeps) my writing.
Let's explore this a little bit further, ruminating on these 3 words:

force Strength, energy, exerting mental or moral influence and action
The capacity to withstand or meet pressure with energy
Intensity of conviction, feeling, belief
Cogency of an argument or case

lucidity Bright, luminous
Showing an ability to think clearly
Transparent, efficient expression of thoughts and feelings
Coherence, intelligibility

ease Absence of difficulty or visible effort
Poise, freedom from rigidity and discomfort
Alleviation of mental or physical pain

This morning I'm asking a rhetorical question: which of our two presidential candidates exhibits the greatest capacity with these attributes, in balance, comfort, and proportion?
Hmmm, let me think: is this up for debate?

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