Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Long and Rainy Road

We circled back home, through hours of rain. Heroic Andreas did the driving, while the rest of us read and slept. The energy inverter/adapter didn't work, so there was not a lot of computer use. We all fell behind on our facebook postings. Status update: Ellen is installing memories the old-fashioned way, happy to have a few hours to simply watch the falling rain and think. I continued to pour over the images in Garden and Cosmos, and was amused by how much some of them remind me of computer games (if computer games were beautiful).

So the month of November drew to a close. I read a bit of Rosmarie Waldrop's book of poetry, The Road is Everywhere, or Stop this Body, where I found these words:

I veer toward the endless
distractions of the
even while clamoring
for wholeness

Here is an image of the body from Garden and Cosmos, and there is that long gray road.

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