Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Splendid Table

It's near the close of a wonderful day, spent creating a splendid table. We decided not to tent the turkey, but we flipped the bird. These suggestions came from Lynne Rossetto Kaspar, host of American Public Media's food show. We had the courage to simply roast the turkey in an ordinary shallow pan – no bags, no tents, no cheesecloth – basting it in its own juices and a bit of red wine. The result was a succulent, slightly wine-tinged, beautiful brown bird.

As we ate in the gathering darkness, with four teens and one third grader, we gave thanks for: hair ties, mobile phones, Lil' Wayne, Old Dirty Bastard (God Rest His Soul), the Internet, AP yoga (whaa??), Facebook, interesting work, nature (nature?! Mom – !? Like it's going to go away if you don't thank it!), paychecks, all the good blogs, Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Wii, scoring a goal in an early morning soccer game, Martha, earrings (because they make women look more elegant), Jacques Derrida, live theater, low-cost effervescent René Barbier Mediterranean Pétillant Wine, Google, museums, sweet potatoes with cayenne and roasted red peppers (add some parmesan), education, mashed potatoes, gravy (add about half a cup of coffee), pecan pie, friends, books, DVDs, ping pong, family, Obama, Obama's mama, the O.C. (all four seasons), mascara, and Sounds of South (the world's best advanced high school choir).

At the mention of Google, there was a resounding cheer. Now later, after a walk around the dark quiet White House, we are having a last glass of wine. Isn't it curious – we seem to be more grateful this year for technology and social networking than even for nature and food.

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