Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the Road Again

We piled into the van at the break of dawn and hit the road to Kensington, Maryland, with four teenagers, back packs, numerous laptops and hand-held devices. About twelve hours later we arrived at the home of our friends Mike, Deb, Dylan and Liam.

We saw snow in Pennsylvania, and what looked like hard, gray times in West Virginia. At a gas station there, we picked up this groovy cowgirl hat, modeled here by Lenni.

It was fun to be on the road again, traveling in a van with teenagers...talking with Dylan in the dark, and watching Savannah text her friends. And it's great to see our old friends again, here a few miles outside the beltway!


hoping for better things said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Ellenfamily and Debfamily. Miss you!


p.s. 4,000 words to go till Sunday night - I always think of you two when I'm NaNoWriming . . .

elena said...

Hi Marie, have a great time as you zero in on the finish line with the NaNoWriming! And then what happens next with all of those words? I will be interested in learning more.

Are you doing Thanksgiving in Berlin? Here's a big hello from Kensington, where Deb and I have been basting the turkey..