Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gifts of Advent

One of the most meaningful gifts I've ever received is an advent calendar made by Andreas' maternal grandmother after World War II, given to me by his mother, Marlies. She explained that in the years during and following the war everything was hard to come by: food, sweets, gifts for Christmas.

The advent calendar was created in a women's sewing circle, with gray wool remnants donated by a trouser factory, colored felt, embroidery thread, and small brass rings for attaching coins or candy.

Inspired by this gift, I made a blue advent calendar with no rings; the images are hand embroidered without the addition of felt. I've never used it to distribute small gifts, but only as something to look at. I included a Menorah among the images, as well as someone in a canoe in front of mountains.

Now I'm almost done with the blue wool I bought so long ago, though perhaps I have enough left to make a few more small ornaments, like the mitten and little doll's stocking pictured here.

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