Monday, April 13, 2009

Poisonchanging: We Shall Remain, from PBS

PBS will begin to air a 5-part series tonight called We Shall Remain. Billed as "a provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history," We Shall Remain is a television series with a community engagement component. It is a poisonchanging event: an attempt to make visible – and therefore transformative – the story of American Indian experience.

The pictures here are by Webb Chapell, from the photo gallery for the first episode, "After the Mayflower":

Left: Language consultant David White reviews lines in the Nipmuc language with Marcos Akiaten, who plays the Wampanoag leader Massasoit. White consulted with the producers when they were writing the script and later translated lines into Nipmuc for Akiaten and the other actors.

Right: Director Chris Eyre discusses a scene with actor Annawon Weeden, who plays King Philip. Weeden, a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, is an educator in his community and is a traditional singer and dancer.

We Shall Remain is a project extending beyond the television show, with community events and coalitions that bring together Native organizations and tribes, libraries, historical societies, museums, schools and other groups, to plan and sponsor activities that promote understanding of local Native history and contemporary life.

The very rich website includes education materials, information about community events, and a Native Now section about tribal languages, sovereignty, and enterprise. There is also a Reel Native section with videos from Native Americans across the country. Tune in tonight!


Nor said...

I've been so aware of this upcoming TV event in the last 24 hours. Many of the family papers I"m sorting now have to do with the Rev. Joseph McCarrell Leiper living in the Territories on a mission, starting a school, raising grandad from 1-3 with a descendent of Tecumseh his godfather. I have NO idea what kind of missionaries they were there but have felt anxiety about it since seeing the MN made film about the boarding school on the res. Grandmother Fanny's sketchbook shows very angular faces... i'll scan some today.

elena said...

..send me some of those images? Fascinating family archival work..