Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Random Things: Creative Drive

Freud posited the need to find satisfaction in both love and work. Between those two drives, linking them, is the creative drive – as in a Venn diagram, with overlapping circles. (Here is a clever one.) Creativity may be the missing link, the connecting substance, the brilliance by which we survive, thrive, and make ingenious adjustments.

I appear to be creating my 25 Random Things in alphabetical order, something I didn't really expect to do initially. (That's the curious thing about the creative drive: sometimes it takes over and does the driving.)

This has caused me to muse a bit more about several all-important C-words:

Command and control: not so much, except when editing or absorbed in a personal project. But even then, for me personally, I'm not really great at this. (That mode is for Captain Sully: it has its place when flying airplanes.)

Cooperate and collaborate: my preferred methods of engaging the creative drive and working with others. Then I am in the flow, and unexpected things happen.

Communication: Nothing never fails to communicate something.

(I hope no one out there is very confused by this.)

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