Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Sunday

Yesterday afternoon, a meeting with wonderful friends to talk about one of my favorite reads of the past year, Elizabeth Bowen's The House in Paris. Scones and real strawberries, sweet peas, cherry blossoms, a few minutes to sing together, Malcolm Dalglish's new processional for next February, Arts Week in Bloomington. (I wish I could really sing...I do love to listen.)

Stopped to talk for a minute with Ruth, next door, as she harvested kale from her front yard garden. Home of Scott Russell Sanders, author of the new book A Conservationist's Manifesto. Came home to a supper in our own backyard, a large salad and even the kids were here. Sav and Andreas are back from a week in Canada on an island, with friends.

Working, hatching plans to go to Pittsburgh later this week, for the 53rd annual gathering of CCMA, the Consumer Cooperatives Management Association. This is always fun: a chance to learn, reconnect, a tribal reunion.

Oh, and I'm twittering, too. Who knew? We'll see where that goes. You can find me at CCMA2009: I will twitter (in Twitsburgh) for natural foods and cooperation! I am also over there at elenabella. Come follow me, if you want to play with those kinds of messages.


Joyce said...

Sweet Sunday indeed! Wish I had been there to participate in the discussion of The House in Paris, a book that is also one of my favorites. Scones, real strawberries, sweet peas, cherry blossoms and song--what a combination!

elena said...

I'd love to know more about what you thought of The House in Paris...when did you read it?